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Never knew about the worked all W6 award there are over 1200 people that have worked and confirmed all 3077 counties in the USA.  I am one of those.  You might drop a note to the folks at MARAC and let them know the award exists.  You might get a bunch of new applications!


On 3/4/2021 1:02 PM, Skip wrote:
I guess people view plaques and certificates from different perspectives -- self-printing is great -- self-printing degrades the value of the certificate -- display on-line on your web or FB page -- hang on wall.  I have my DXCC framed and on the wall, with my 35 WPM code proficiency cert [from 1956 😁], my A-1 Operator Club that an unknown someone nominated me for [in 1957, the year I graduated HS] ... ARRL DX 2015 SOHP CW Sac Valley Section 2015 [because it says 1st place] ... and a cool little plaque for 1st place in the 2019 GAQP ... plus licenses for K6DGW and W6CWO.  Printed certs, by someone or me, are in a binder, downloaded ones go in a folder on this computer.  A downloaded PDF doesn't "cheapen" a certificate for me, but whatever floats your boat.

As a membership organization, I believe ARRL should at least break-even on such services as certificates and awards.  ARRL rules tend to be arcane, layered, and complex however, and IT is not a core strength for ARRL.  This subject has all the markings of micromanagement ... one would think that the BoD and it's many committees would set the policy ["Break Even" or whatever], and the CEO/staff would come up with the specific procedures and rules to implement that policy.

FWIW:  I administer the highly prized and sought after Worked All California Counties Award for the Northern California Contest Club [just issued #70 since 1982 😉].  I send as PDF unless the recipient asks for a printed one ... those I print on semi-gloss photo paper with a Brother inkjet printer.  They come out looking really great.  Almost no one asks for a printed cert.


Fred ["Skip"] K6DGW
Sparks NV DM09dn
Washoe County

On Wed, Mar 3, 2021 at 8:05 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
I am unclear what prestige there is on a printed certificate printed by an ARRL sourced supplier or on my color laser printer.  Why not offer both?  I would hope that the ARRL printed and mailed award would be nicer than a "free" PDF file.  It is not like people can sell or trade their certificates and move up in the official rankings.

Not everyone shares the same views so what is important so some is not to others.  The only awards I usually have up are plaques.  I have piles of printed award still in tubes or in piles that I have no room for.

+ Post images of your awards on your ARRL web page, QRZ web page, and in your Facebook amateur radio groups. Any one of those will produce 1000X the number of "views" compared to visitors to your "radio room", assuming you have the wall space to display them.


              Dave, AA6YQ

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