Re: DXCC Challenge Award


Guess what......

DXCC Honor there is no certificate for once you attain Honor Roll
and you may not but I consider Honor Rool much more prestigious than the Challenge Q's award

If you want a DXCC Honor Roll plaque its current cost for USPS delivery is @ 90 us dollars
mine is en route to my mailbox, the cost for the Challenge Plaque is about the same
and more than a few would consider it (the Challenge plaque) a much nicer plaque.

and NO asterisk,  for Honor Roll However
you do receive a little bitty sticker to affix to your paper DXCC Certificate
and of course your callsign in the Honor Roll List

Bottom of the list with 331 in my case, but I am very happy :)

All of this is addressed on the ARRL website
although it does take a bit of looking for some of the details

The devil is in the details :)


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