Re: FT4 and FT8 by band


Yes, you're correct.  LOTW was an in-house development using ARRL IT personnel, and Dave Bernstein has pointed out that the project was constantly strapped for personnel, development processes, and validation resources.  The ARRL web site is in a similar shape.  We've now made it through 3 election cycles since the Revolt of 2017, the "Old Boys Club" seems to have been broken up, we have a new CEO who is an active ham, and perhaps things will begin to turn around.  It's only fair to give the BoD and leadership a chance now.


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On 12/5/2020 10:55 AM, W0MU wrote:

The ARRL should be providing services and things that the members want.  If the members desire FTX tracking and FTX awards and there is a high demand, then the ARRL should be looking at ways to satisfy this desire and sell more awards.  Right?

The more awards offered the more they can "sell".  I assume that once the infrastructure is in place that awards bring in a nice sum of funds constantly.

I think this is an area where the League could improve and more more proactive.  FTX was going to be huge and it is not going away. 

The technology needs to be built to easily allow the addition of new awards/modes.  The hobby is constantly changing and the League is usually slow to respond to these changes.


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