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The Dr. Joe Taylor modes came along rather fast and in copious amounts.  I suspect that the ARRL/LotW folks haven't been able to keep up.  Real question:  Does it really matter if it was FT4 or FT8?  I don't use either, just wondering.


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On 12/4/2020 12:28 PM, Gilbert Baron wrote:

Likely since it is not needed to fulfill the job of the system and they do not have the money to implement something that is not needed, that is just a WIBN.


I think there is Software available that can give you that data if you have all of your logbook of the world data in the database used by such software.


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Well, maybe, but I didn't mentioned the word "awards" in my post.  I can go to my WAS account, click on  some band, and from the drop down menu I can select 30m Clover, click on "Select WAS Award to View", and see what states I have worked using Clover on 30m.  Why can't I do the same for FT4 or FT8 for a specific band? 

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