Re: To A, or not to A = that is the question

Barry Porter <barryp13@...>

The “A” stations are the highly skilled operators. They need to be good listeners and 
know how to time their transmissions. They also have to really understand propogation.
In Sweeps SSB I only made 70 QSO’s. Of these 70, only 7 were from other “A” stations 
(10%).  I had fun. Maybe they need a contest just for “A” power stations without spots.

Barry, KB1PA

On Nov 23, 2020, at 11:31 PM, Hans Brakob <hbrakob@...> wrote:

If you follow the cq-contest reflector, you know of CQ’s conclusion that non-assisted operators no longer warrant full recognition as a standalone category their magazines’ WPX contest.
Using a non-scientific polling method (I copied what they sent me) I recorded the preferences of 1,338 stations in the recent two weekends of the ARRL SweepStakes competition.
827 (62%) of the respondents (those who sent me A, B, or Q) indicated that their preference is non-assisted operation.  
509 (38%) of the respondents (those who sent me U or M) indicated that their preference is to operate with assistance.
Do you suppose that ARRL ought to disestablish A, B, and Q, and push those 62% of their participants into U, a category they have so far chosen not to enter?

73, de Hans, K0HB
"Just a Boy and His Radio"™

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