Re: To A, or not to A = that is the question


CQ seems to have gone bonkers. Another very strange rules change is that so called 'Classic' participants (low power, no assistance) are limited to 24 hours, and if they go more than 24 hours only the first 24 hours will be counted.

Well, duh, it is often tthe case that multipliers appear late in a contest period.

I see no good reason for this rule, only bad.

Another rule I hope ARRL stays far, far away from.

PS. Do work the upcoming 10m contest. The SFI is coming up. We need to revive this contest before we lose a lot of participants.  You will not see this contest listed in the recent ARRL contest newsletter, but it is still the second full weekend in December (the 12th and 13th).  I will be running low power (<150 watts), unassisted this year. 

Bravo, ARRL, on recognizing many new radios can operate upwards of 200 watts without an amplifier.

Tony KX1G


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