Re: Scarborough Reef


Researching the history of the BS7, I was able to ascertain that, according to the VISUAL DXCC HISTORY which shows when entities were added, BS7 was added to the DXCC in 1995 as part of what was called the 'Internet cluster', that BS7 first became an entity 1n 1995.

I also found a video of the 2007 DXpedition that is very much better quality than the video of the 1997 dxpedition that I referred to yesterday. The video quality, the description of the rocks, and the discussion of mounting a DXpedition to BS7 is is outstanding.

A couple of points made in this video.

1. THere  have been 4 DXpeditiions, with the 2007 DXpedition the latest, best organized and most successful. This DXpedition had the support of CHINA, which was the primary reason they werre able to cut through the political red tape to get permission.  The previous DXpedition, in 1997 was cut short after two days.

2. THe four rocks thave been used as station locations are a mile, not 100 feet as I suggested yesterday. That previous estimate was based on a photo. The video makes the distance the rocks space clear.

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