Re: Scarborough Reef


I expect the definition was made with Scarborough Rocks in mind. It has what looks like four surface poiints within a short distance, I wouldn't erect a flag on them let along the scaffolding to hold a station.

The pictures do show the maximum height at that time could be 10 feet or more, but tails off rapidly.

It is not wholly likely under water, but the surface area is possibly reduced already and might gradually get less and less with rising seas. There are conflicting projections on how hight the seas may rise, but I think we can confidently assume they are not yet under water. The CHinese Military intent to keep hams away is something else entirely. That is well documented and serious, with no resolution in sight.

I think the bottom line here is that we need to recognize access to BS7 and other reefs cannot be counted on, and to add them to awards should be reviewed. 

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