Re: Scarborough Reef


I couldn't open the file attached, but there are plenty of still and video shots of the Shoal, Rocks, and dxpedition stations on the rocks to get a sense of the topology. Two that I found exceptionally interesting were a video of the BS7H dxpedition in 1997 what showed before and aftter shots of the three rocks protruding from the sea on which three stations were erected and an other of Chinese Military construction on the shoal (possibly even the three rocks) in 2013.

The dxpedition video has one shot that showed the rocks from a short distane away, in a line, separated by water. They look like they are all within a hundred feet or so. It also showed the CHinese navy visiting them several times. THey were not hostile at that time, but serious in determining the intent. And it mentions the dxpedition was shut down after 2 days due to a law prohibiting 'DX'. Not sure if that was our definition of DX or some other.  The photo from 2013 showed the intent of the military to establish a presence. very likely expanded by now. A google earth shot of the area might be exctremely valuable,

The height of the shoal given as 1.8 meters is not consistent overall. THe rocks have peaks and trail off. One shot of a generator shows it only feet above the sea. Scary.

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