Re: Scarborough Reef


If memory serves me correctly, China had no official Amateur Radio until the ARRL and others demonstrated Amateur Radio to it's people and the country started licensing them.

I am of the opinion that North Korea should be taken off as well, as licensing of their citizens is not allowed and operations there are haphazard at best.

 But you raise a good question: if a country that has meets the DXCC criteria but is somehow prevented from hosting at least an occasional dxpedition once each decade or so, so it be removed?

My answer would be, if that country was required for an award,, even the simplest, yes, it should be removed. And if is the top award being considered, I would say 'hell, yes!' because we our association does not exist to block members from getting awards, but to set the bar realistically and help them achieve it. If every member of the ARRL and all the foreign ham that participate in the DXCC were to qualify for the award I would say 'Bravo, we have done a good job."  

One mans opinion.


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