Re: Scarborough Reef

Dave AA6YQ

+ more AA6YQ comments below
Even if someone goes legally and sets up, it is impossible to find 2 points 100 meters apart where they and the line between them is permanently above high tide, unless MSL drops far enough to essentially drain the lagoon.

+ Referring to the definition of "island" in


+ either this requirement

"For the purposes of this award, it must consist of connected land, of which at least two surface points must be separated from each other by not less than 100 meters measured in a straight line from point to point. All of the connected land must be above the high tide mark, as demonstrated on a chart of sufficient scale."

+ was in place when BS7 was first added to the DXCC entities list, or it wasn't. If this requirement was in place, then BS7 was added in error, and should be removed.  If this requirement was not in place when BS7 was added, then rule 5.c applies: "
A change in the DXCC Criteria shall not affect the status of any Entity on the DXCC List at the time of the change. In other words, criteria changes will not be applied retroactively to Entities on the List."

+ If BS7 satisfied the DXCC criteria when it was added to the DXCC List, and if it remains above sea level at high tide, then it should not be deleted.


               Dave, AA6YQ

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