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The ARRL DXCC award has enormous inertia due to having been established a long time ago, being tightly managed by a dedicated team, and remaining a highly popular and globally-respected award.   It is a mature award with a rich history.


If you genuinely want the DXCC rules to be changed, you’d need to make a stronger, far more convincing case than “I think” and “BS rocks”, eventually proposing specific wording changes.  

  • Which rule/s should be changed, and why? 
  • What is/are the problem/s you are trying to address, or the opportunity/ies you think should be seized?
  • What should the revised wording say, precisely? 
  • What other options are there (including do nothing), and what makes your proposal better than all of those? 
  • What are the consequences (benefits and costs) of the proposed change/s (e.g. the effects on other entities, and on DXCC awards already granted or currently in process)? 
  • How should the change/s be implemented?


If that sounds onerous, it is … because some issues with DXCC have resulted from previous rule changes that may not have been thought-through and justified as thoroughly.  It would be all too easy to meddle with the award and inadvertently make it worse.  Improving it takes more effort.


To be clear, I’m not saying “Don’t bother”.  I’m encouraging you, and others, to make a sensible case that we can debate openly here.


On the other hand, if you are simply sounding off and trolling us, don’t expect to be taken too seriously.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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I think the definition needs to be changed to not allow a small pile of rocks sticking up out of the water where you have to build scaffolding just to get on them to something that requires X amount of land area etc. 

Scaffold rocks aks BS rocks was a political thing. 

Every entity named below has significant land mass.  I am not sure you could even find BS rocks on a satellite image without a microscope.


On 10/29/2020 9:01 AM, H Hans Brakob wrote:


Many DXCC entities are not “real countries”.  


Bouvet isn’t a real country, Alaska isn’t a real country, Jan Mayen isn’t a real country, Desecheo isn’t a real country.....  and so on.



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BS7, Scarborough Reef, IS NOT a real country. It should be deleted.

73, de Hans, K0HB
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