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Gary Hinson <Gary@...>

Oh, yes, nice!  Thanks for that Ken.


I wondered if this was just a ‘universal medal’ – a certificate for “trying hard” or “giving it a go” or whatever – but no, your certificate reminded me of my very first very shaky QSO in 1979, and the equally shaky one shortly after when the actual license came through (!).


I would love to be more active in the various slow speed CW activity periods, in the hope of being someone’s first QSO, first DX or first ZL.   Likewise in the Field Days, which are often new hams’ first contest experiences.  If the guy at the far end is slow, nervous and hesitant, perhaps struggling a bit with the protocols, it takes me right back to 1979.



Gary   ZL2iFB


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A month or so ago there was a discussion of various existing and proposed awards.  Someone mentioned a First Contact Award available from the ARRL.  I decided my wife would like to get me one and it came in the mail yesterday.  She was more surprised than I was.  Nice gift.


I was a very shaky novice Novice back then.  I could barely send CW with my J-38 key because my hand trembled so much.



Ken, AB1J



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