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Dave AA6YQ

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This whole issue has been interesting and randomly evolving.

I have been a ham for 64 years. There has always been a modicum of discussion/criticism of this award and opinions and suggestions

But, never in my previous decades, have I seen so much as …. discussed the last few years…and NO…..I would disagree with a notion
that …”Well, now we have an official forum so there is more traffic on the issues”

Perhaps the award has been so convoluted with issues of late…like rapid growth of new technologies, fragile world government
complexities, and the competitive nuances like remote operations.

Perhaps an economic disparity among members of the hobby is an issue…heck…most of us had to build our own gear back in the 50s. A
rarity in 2020.

Clearly, this award is under more scrutiny and than criticism than ever before, in my memory anyway…and I have been pretty active.

ARRL has trouble administering the award due to massive IT and LOTW maintenance costs.? Not certain, just feeling.

+ As a result of management naiveté, the ARRL has hideously underfunded and understaffed most of its software projects, not just
those associated with awards. You reap what you sow.

+ Outside of and the pages of QST, the ARRL does not promote DXCC or any of its other DXing awards in any significant


Dave, AA6YQ

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- member, ARRL Communications with Members Committee: 2019

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