Re: Reefs?

Hugh Valentine


This whole issue has been interesting and randomly evolving.


I have been a ham for 64 years.  There has always been a modicum of discussion/criticism of this award and opinions and suggestions made.

But, never in my previous decades, have I seen so much as …. discussed the last few years…and NO…..I would disagree with a notion that …”Well, now we have an official forum so there is more traffic on the issues”

Perhaps the award has been so convoluted with issues of late…like rapid growth of new technologies,  fragile world government complexities,  and the competitive nuances like remote operations.

Perhaps an economic disparity among members of the hobby is an issue…heck…most of us had to build our own gear back in the 50s.  A rarity in 2020.


Clearly, this award is under more scrutiny and  than criticism than ever before, in my memory anyway…and I have been pretty active.

ARRL has trouble administering the award due to massive IT and LOTW maintenance costs.?  Not certain, just feeling.

I can see so many issues that, in some people’s minds, are detracting from the perceived value of DXCC for many amateurs.  Yet….I can see very few or no current discussions that applaud or grow it’s merits  and value….or suggest it’s value and esteem is growing.


That is very sad for me, as I have…on and off…vigorously chased the awards….it was fun they  began CW DXCCI As a new Award, it was exciting to be on the leading edge of a Brand New Award!!!!  Everyone had an equal start….Can DXCC be revitalized??  How??

Could it be that the WOW factor and prestige originally associated with attaining the Honor roll is disappearing?


Am I the only one sensing this?


Does DXCC need a shot of Adrenalin?







Maybe it is I who needs the Adrenalin…..




From: Dave AA6YQ
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Subject: Re: [ARRL-Awards] Reefs?


+ AA6YQ comments below

This discussion has been very interesting.
There are many opinions and some people want to preserve their advantage and other want it easy.
The one FACT that everyone is not recognizing is when the possibility of achieving #1 Honor Roll becomes 0 then the award loses its value and everyone who does not have one of the impossible entities just writes the award off.

+ That's demonstrably false. DXers didn't stop chasing DXCC awards during the decades that China or Albania weren't available.

For an award to have value it must be obtainable (not necessarily easy or fast).

+ Again, provably false.

The reefs that don't exist should be removed because they don't exist.
Countries where it is ILLEGAL to operate should be removed because the government cant authorize a legal operation without changing the law.
Countries where the dictator does not allow operations should not because the dictator can authorize an operation at any time and therefore it is not totally impossible.

+ The DXAC already has its hands full with the complexity of the current DXCC rules. Having to rule on the extent to which a government's leader can or cannot unilaterally change the status of amateur radio would require the installation of water-cooled keyboards.

I have written this award off and am not even trying for it because I do not have
2 entities that will not be available ever.

+ Which 2 entities will not be available ever, and how do you know that?


               Dave, AA6YQ


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