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One of the depressing things about leaving entities on the list that not
active and may be decades before they become active is the fact that
someone puts up a big station, dedicates a lot of $$ and time to achieving
Top of the Honor Roll and dies before he gets there. So I guess a lot of
getting there is when you were born and how long you live. In my case I do
have a few that are difficult to get today. I checked Club Log most wanted
for North America East Coast CW and in the top dozen I have BV9P Paratas
Is., CE0X San Felix Is., KH7K Kure Is., and FT5X Kerguelen Is. So I assume
that some folks today would really like to have some of these in there log?
Bruce NJ3K

On Tue, 22 Sep 2020 17:55:45 -0400, Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...>
+ AA6YQ comments below

With all due respect, Dave, a love it or leave it pronouncement is not

+ In your opinion. For many DXers, the top of the DXCC Honor Roll has
a lifelong pursuit. Changing the rules because some DXers consider them
"too hard" would be an insult.

governments take old laws off their books (ex: Massachusetts blue laws),
so why shouldn’t DXCC.

+ DXCC isn't a law. There is no "worked all laws" award.

i need need three to have worked them all. I will be patient with
Glorioso. less patient with P5, and somewhat angry that some dxers
as russians) have multiple opportunities to work them while others have
zero opportunity. And not all all patient with BS7. It needs 5i be
reviewed, and if there is no chance that it will ever reemerge, in this
century at least, removed from the list.

+ Focus on what you can control: your station, your operating skills,
understanding of propagation, and your awareness of DXing activities.
operations have in the past activated rare DXCC entities with little or
warning; be ready.

+ When I got my Novice ticket in 1990, some DXers were agitating for the
removal of Albania, where amateur radio had been forbidden for decades.
China had been similarly unavailable for many years. I reached the top
the SSB Honor Roll in 2008. I still need North Korea in CW, as well as
Bouvet, Scarborough, Crozet, and Kerguelen in RTTY. Reaching the top of
CW Honor Roll via the deletion of North Korea would be disgusting.


Dave, AA6YQ

Bruce A. Manning

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