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Steven Rutledge <steven.t.rutledge@...>

Me too.  I read all the comments.  I don't understand some of them but I respect every single member of the ARRL.  Keep it coming.

And thanks Dave.

Steve, N4JQQ, DXAC, Delta

On 9/3/2020 9:37 PM, Ria, N2RJ wrote:
I'm also puzzled by the reaction to candidness and transparency,
something I've personally undertaken. I would rather discuss this out
in the open than in secret. Regardless, I will continue what I'm
doing, which is to have a dialogue with members. That's why I serve
anyway, and having a dialogue is something I do enjoy.

Ria, N2RJ

On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 10:18 PM K8TS <dalecole3502@...> wrote:
A nice summation of the discussion. Totally agree with the points Dave AA6YQ made.

Whether you like the out come or not; there has been the opportunity to add your 2¢ and have it heard.

Dale K8TS

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+ AA6YQ comments below

John, I might be missing something. What came up that makes you feel that not donating or supporting LOTW is a good idea? No policy changes have been made in regards to the matter at hand. What has happened here that isn't in the best interest of "overall club membership?" Was it something someone said? Seriously.

+ Over the years, I have been highly critical of the ARRL's modus operandi when considering policy changes, whether they be proposed DXCC rule changes, proposed changes to band plans, or changes in organizational priority: solicit feedback, make a decision, and then claim that the decision was overwhelmingly consistent with the feedback received -- without ever revealing that feedback. A notorius example: an ARRL proposal to the FCC on "regulation by bandwidth" (RM-11306) that it claimed had broad member support resulted in thousands of substantive negative comments being filed with the FCC by ARRL members; the proposal was sheepishly retracted.

+ Here, and in several similar online forums dedicated to different topics, we've seen a Director's proposed DXCC changes before they were considered by DXAC and PSC, much less voted on by the Board of Directors. We've had the opportunity to comment on the proposal, exposing implications that its author might not have considered. We've had the ability to propose alternative solutions to the problem targeted by the original proposal. Directors, DXAC members, and Board members have participated in the discussion, as have ops who may or may not be ARRL members.

+ No decisions have yet been made.

+ When it comes time to make decisions, those doing the deciding will have the benefit of the many perspectives voiced here. Not everyone will be happy with the outcome, but we should be thrilled with the process in comparison with past ARRL practice: "we had our say".

+ No matter what the outcome of this specific proposal, I consider this process a step in the right direction.


Dave, AA6YQ

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