Re: How about DXCC honor Roll for everyone

Steven Rutledge

John, I might be missing something.  What came up that makes you feel that not donating or supporting LOTW is a good idea?  No policy changes have been made in regards to the matter at hand.  What has happened here that isn't in the best interest of "overall club membership?"  Was it something someone said?  Seriously.

Steve, N4JQQ, DXAC, Delta

On 9/3/2020 4:48 PM, John K7KB wrote:
On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 01:55 PM, Skip wrote:
Generally speaking [a very chancy phrase when human beings are involved [:=) ], people tend to be more likely to drop a membership if they disagree with an action the organization took than they are to become a member because the organization took some action they agree with.
Exactly. Although I probably won't drop my ARRL membership over something like this, I was going to make a donation to the LOTW program to help improve that program. But about the time I was going to make my donation, all of this came up. I won't support an organization that I don't believe has the best interest of the overall club membership at heart. I'll put it somewhere else like Clublog, etc.

John K7KB

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