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Zack Widup

Alaska, Hawaii and the KP and KH entities are all separate DXCC entities. You can't get DXCC for operating from KH6 by operating in a site in continental USA. Same goes for most of those other tiny entities. They are their own DXCC entities and you must operate from them to get a DXCC for a location in those entities.

73. Zack W9SZ

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How fair is allowing the use of remote stations in Maine Florida and California to those hams in Alaska Hawaii or other entities Many of which are less than 200 Miles  from corner to corner?

I’ve been a ham for only 26 years applied for 5BWAS and DXCC just a few months ago using LOTW confirmed QSOs mostly from SSB contactd made in the past 2 years combined with 40 something ft8 contacts made in the last 11 months.  All done with wire antennas.   Hope to have a tower up by year end and a decent bean by summer 2021.  

From what someone was saying earlier  I should be one of those jumping up and down cheering the possibility of renting remote stations since that is probably the only way I’ll break 200 countries or even get single band DXCC. 

I was a scout for a few years then in my early adult years I helped a few less fortunate scouts “earn” merit badges they didn’t have parents with time to help.   
Scouts are supposed to build their own pinewood derby cars every one is supposed to start with the same kit.   I was very disappointed when I realized many with the slick fast cars bought them already built.    

My true feelings about DXCC is if you move for what ever reason Or use a remote station more that perhaps a state away you should start your count all over again.   You still have bragging rights of having worked some of the same countries from each of your locations so you might claim to have 640 DXCC countriesWith the dupes.   But your count is your count from your Current home QTH.  

73 de Ben ne5B

On Sep 2, 2020, at 17:55, H Hans Brakob <hbrakob@...> wrote:

What you did is not diminished by what someone else did.

Get over it.


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6M remote

Right, I agree.  I worked 67 on 6  using 50w in 3 seasons with CW and SSB,  FT8 came along, I put up a stealth 6 ele at 20’ and now I am at 110 countries…I decoded but did not get another 14 this season.  Those would be in the log had I used Remote on both coasts…Come on…I’m certain you would agree. I would have felt less was accomplished using remotes.  I have sat at my HOA restricted QTH and through persistence and skill and am very proud of that accomplishment.  I would not be as proud(my personal thing) using someone else’s gear, time, money, work, equipment  anywhere within 3,119,884.69 square miles and get a bigger total.  I did mine on 1.56 Ac in a restricted environment…even worked E5 with a dipole and his signal was in/out in 15 seconds…Quick QSO, but I am a Ham O-Holic and readily admit it-  Kinda proud of it actually….a DXCC which would allow me to use a remote anywhere and/or EME to get those totals would diminish the value of doing it on my little lot.


I’ve had 23 Acres and 9 towers but I actually like the challenge now with wires….”A man who chops his own wood is twice warmed”

Remoting  would be fish in a barrel on 6M.  EME, if you man it yourself + remoting anywhere within 3,119,884.69 square miles…if that ain’t shooting Fish I don’t know what it is…ain’t easy, but has no comparison to a single location.


DXCC 160 and 6M are very affected by allowing home and remote use.  Easier is an understatement when it comes to those two bands especially.





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That is not correct Val. Between RHR and my 9 elements at 80’ I spent hours and hours on 6 during the E season this year. The net result? Four new entities, getting me up to about 127 or so.

It’s not fish in a barrel by friend!



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Ben and Val,

You do realize that it still takes effort and skill to earn a DXCC via a remote right? It’s not like getting a subscription to a remote radio service comes with a free DXCC and honor roll, that would be crazy. Oh and the superstations comments, why don’t we ban everyone who uses over 10w and anything better than a dipole 15ft off the ground? Isn’t that what you want? To level the playing field?




73, de Hans, K0HB
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