Re: Private land-Use Restrictions

Tim Rodgers

To put in perspective how many would be impacted by such a policy the following indicates more than some might imagine.

Twenty-five to 27 percent of the U.S. population now resides in a community association (e.g. planned communities, condominium communities, and housing cooperatives), according to the National and State Statistical Review for Community Association Data, published by the Foundation for Community Association Research.

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I, too, have a vertical antenna, but it's buried amongst a  bunch of greenery (so as to not offend the HOA's sensibilities) with a minimal radial field.  It doesn't work very well.
In my case if ARPA, despite all its flaws, would have been made law, our HOA was prepared to allow me to have whatever tower our local municipality would have permitted.  At the time it was 40 feet.  (It's now 70 feet!)  So, hopeful that ARPA was going to pass, we bought this house.  "Hope" is never a good plan.....

Mike, NE8P

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