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I understand your pain. I remember reading PRB 1 and realizing it excluded HOAs. I did have a more reasonable HOA so I got a  vertical approved. It helped that the HOA President was a ham. 

On Oct 27, 2020, at 13:56, Mike Polom <wa8vms@...> wrote:

Yes, there's been some recent talk per my earlier post, but zero results.  This has been an ongoing effort at the ARRL for 10 years.  I know this:  If I'd been assigned some important project/task when I worked for General Motors, I'd have never been employed long enough to be giving a 10 year status report as summarized in the July BoD report out.  I'd have been terminated 9 years ago.

While your 100 watt, stealth dipole solution may have satisfied you, Bob, for me there's no joy in chasing DX or operating in major contests with such a nominal antenna.  (..... all the while worried the HOA police might discover my nefariousness)

As new housing developments all include these restrictions an increasing number of hams (and want to be hams) have little to no antenna, which makes the amateur radio sphere shrink, perhaps to a radius of zero at some point.  Yes, I know amazing distances can be covered with FT8/4, but there's no joy there for me either.  I need to process the QSO, not the computer.

For me, if the ARRL doesn't come up with something that potentially allows a modest tower with aluminum at the top in an HOA controlled subdivision, then they will have FAILED, and I will either need to move or exit ham radio after 50+ years.

Mike, NE8P

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